or not to

The Scan Man has had difficulty making sense of the ECM marketplace, especially for small and medium sized businesses.  There are many terrific systems such as those listed below, and also Hyland On-Base, Laserfiche, etc.  But now there are several excellent systems available for free or extremely low cost (compared to the traditional ECM).  Pulling from AIIM President John Mancini’s blog, the following post describes the complicated choices for customers looking for new Electronic Content Management systems (ECM).  Read on… Continue reading

How open-source can improve cloud security

OpenStackThe Scan Man is asked about document storage every day.  Should I buy more disks for the server?  Should I use a document management system?  Should I go to the cloud?  The big barrier for many in regulated industries, like health care and finance, is security.  The following article from Government Computer News discusses the benefits of going open-source to improve data security in the cloud.  At Modern Image, I recommend the open-source TrueCrypt to my clients for preserving the security of their important documents. Continue reading