Doxie Go Wi-Fi….I like it!

Doxie the Amazing Scanner for DocumentsThe Scan Man is generally not a fan of mobile personal scanning devices unless they have some value over simply using a smart phone camera to scan.  The Doxie Go is interesting.  Not that it is fast, but because it is wireless and battery powered.  While the mobile phone is great for scanning single page documents, anything with more pages is a pain.  The Doxie scanns several pages a minute and then transmits to your computer or mobile device.  Check out this little scanner here. Continue reading

The Scan Man’s thoughts about Kodak

A Kodak screen is seen at Times Square in New York January 13, 2012. REUTERS/Eduardo MunozThe Scan Man is a long time supporter or Kodak’s Document Imaging Division, as both a user and a certified reseller.  It is a very sad story, but one that does not necessarily have a bad ending.  You can read the gory details below, however it is my belief that the people and products that are part of the document scanning unit will continue on and grow.  I have spoken with a number of people in Rochester off the record.  The document imaging unit produces outstanding scanners and software and was a bright spot in an otherwise dark place.  There is widespread belief that the document imaging products will live on with Kodak as a restructured entity or as an acquired entity within another manufacturer. Continue reading

12 Months of Health Information Technology: A Year of Momentous Progress

The Scan Man listened to a terrific talk by Dr. Farzad Mostashari / National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.  This is his blog about HIT 2011 achievements.  Most interesting to me was the clear evidence provided that patients get better and more appropriate care from doctors who utilize electronic medical records systems instead of paper charts.  If your doc is still using paper, ask them why. Continue reading