Document Scanning in Baltimore

If you are looking for a way to clear clutter, save time, save money, and be sure that your documents are safe in a disaster, document scanning services can help. Scanning your documents brings many advantages, one of the biggest advantages in having your files available electronically. Once your documents are scanned, they can be neatly filed away on your computer’s hard drive. Paperless is the way to go in today’s business world and document scanning can help you get organized and stay organized. If you are looking for scanning services, contact us today at Modern Image USA.

Our document scanning services are secure and HIPAA compliant for medical professionals. Our scanning services are great for any business, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Financial Professionals
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • And more!

Professional Document Scanning in Baltimore, MD

We are all about document scanning – it’s what we do. Why are we a better option than doing it yourself? Our equipment and process!

  • Our scanners are all properly configured – hardware and software – for each customer project and the various documents that need to be scanned.
  • Our document preparation team ensures that every page will be scanable.  Staples, paper clips and other bindings are removed.  Sticky notes and other small pieces of paper are scanned and cropped to proper size.
  • We keep our scanners clean and pristine!  Each scanner is cleaned multiple times during the day to ensure your images are nearly perfect representations of the original.
  • Each page is scanned using a high-end scanner with special technology to detect mis-feeds and other scanning issues.
  • Each document is indexed with a unique file name, making it very easy for you to find the documents later.
  • Every page is scrutinized by our quality assurance team using a visual inspection.  Any page not meeting our stringent standards will be re-scanned.
  • Files are encrypted and delivered.  Safe and Secure!

HIPAA Compliant Document Scanning in Baltimore, MD

Organizations of all sizes now must comply with laws such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Sarbanes-Oxley, and FOIA requests or audits. Many of these regulations provided an initial grace period for smaller businesses, but the time to comply is now at hand. This has created a need to implement document retention policies and strategies and to seek technology that can help manage all business information more efficiently.

More than Just Baltimore Document Scanning

At Modern Image, we offer more than just document scanning.

Document Storage and Management Solutions

Document scanning alone does little to help your office operate more efficiently. What good are digital documents if you don’t have a good way to organize and retrieve them when necessary?

We offer document storage and organization software as well. At Modern Image, we provide industry leading enterprise information management solutions from M-Files. M-Files software helps enterprises find, share, and secure documents and information–even in highly regulated industries like healthcare, law, and finance.

Anything from customer records to expense reports to simple email management, M-Files and Modern Image together can bring you a robust, yet simple to use document storage and management solution.

To learn more about the M-Files document management system, visit their website at

Document Shredding in Baltimore

When it comes to document shredding, it is required by law that documents be destroyed securely. This is especially true for companies in the medical, legal, and government fields. Part of these laws include having the documents shredded and destroyed and providing evidence that the shredding process was successful.

Modern Image provides secure document shredding services in Baltimore and throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, including a certificate of destruction for your files once shredding is complete. If you are in need of secure document shredding in Baltimore, or you want to make sure all of your files are correctly destroyed after being scanned, contact us today.

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Modern Image USA has been working with businesses and individuals in the Baltimore area since 2006, in this time we have built a strong level of trust with those we work with.  We have all the right equipment to make sure your documents are scanned with the highest level of quality, and our personnel know how to handle each and every job, no matter what difficulties may be involved.