Digital Medical Record Mandate

Posted on: June 22, 2015

The digital medical record mandate was set by the federal government, as a key provision of the  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  In essence, the mandate states that all public, and private, healthcare providers, and other eligible professionals, must adopt and demonstrate meaningful use of electronic health records.  Failure to comply with the digital record mandate could directly impact the healthcare professional’s reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid.

The mandate is a positive move, for both patients and providers.  Medical records contain highly sensitive healthcare information, and should be treated with the utmost security.  When your records are comprised of paper files, it can be difficult to organize and protect information.  Storage is always a concern, but when your files are stored electronically, the safety and security of your patient data is strong.

The digital medical record mandate also benefit your office staff.  What once took time to organize and store is now efficiently controlled with the click of a mouse.  Insurance information, including the information required for reimbursement by Medicaid and Medicare, is easily accessed.  And, electronic storage of patient records makes it easy to attach lab results and prescription history.

Improved Document Management & Efficiency

With all the positive aspects of the digital medical record mandate, what could possibly be the down side?  Many healthcare clinics and medical offices are overwhelmed by the day-to-day multitasking involved in patient care.  Finding the time or energy to scan and organize multiple patient records can be a real challenge.  It takes dedication and extreme organization, given the nature of the hard copy data.

That’s why medical professionals and health care providers who wish to comply with the digital medical record mandate turn to Modern Image USA.  Modern Image provides medical document scanning, organization of office information, and conversion of your paper files an patient charts to electronic files.  Our record management experts will meet with you to discuss your options regarding the digital medical record mandate.  We’ll come up with a plan that works best for you and present you with a no-cost estimate within 24 hours.

You can trust Modern Image USA with your most sensitive information.  We securely transport your records to our scanning center, create an electronic copy of all of your files and information, transfer the data to your electronic document management system, and, with your permission, shred the paper documents and provide you with a certificate of destruction.

Modern Image scanning center serves the DC, Maryland and Virginia area.  We’re located in Fairfax, where we proudly participate in many community and civic organizations, such as the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce and NAPO-WDS, the National Association of Professional Organizers-Washington DC.  Our medical document scanning service is full compliant with HIPAA directives, and we submit to independent audits to ensure our compliance.

Schedule Medical Document Scanning Services

The digital medical record mandate is beneficial to your medical practice.  At Modern Image USA, we make it easy to get on board.  Contact Modern Image USA today and store all of your information electronically.