History of the Scan Man, Part 1: ZyLAB

Posted on: June 22, 2011

zylab logo

The Scan Man developed his love of all things scanning over several years.  Part 1 begins with a stint with ZyLAB, a leading e-discovery and information management software company. Based in the Netherlands, ZyLAB software is the very best for searching a scanned document.

  1. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a perfect technology, but only when presented with perfect typewritten text.  Many documents we scan are anything but perfect. Paper is a great medium for printing, however it is always in a state of degradation.  Paper changes color.  Dust and other contaminants permeate files.  Original printing quality varies dramatically, as does the technology used for printing.  Think about the old blue mimeograph copies.  A small rate of errors will occur in almost every page of OCR. ZyLAB technology overcomes OCR errors with a character replacement algorithm. This means that important terms can be found in very poor quality documents.
  2. Google is great for finding a pizza in the neighborhood, but not so great for searching legal documents. The audiences are completely different.  Google search algorithms are designed find and present popular web pages.  ZyLAB is designed to find very specific and unique pages or documents contained within extremely large collections of documents. This is enabled by a powerful set of search tools.  An investigator or attorney can utilize these tools to zero in on concepts instead of simple words.
  3. ZyLAB supports more than 200 languages. There is no better system when multiple language search is required.
  4. Gartner Group now tracks e-Discovery systems, and rates ZyLAB as “Visionary” in the Magic Quadrant.
  5. The system works great for any type of electronic file, including documents and emails.

Modern Image was born from the Scan Man’s interest in producing high quality scanned images for use by attorneys and investigators.  Since we scan and create the highest quality images, the outcome of an e-Discovery process is far better.