KODAK Capture Pro Software v3.1 Product Review

Posted on: May 19, 2011

Kodak LogoKodak just announced Capture Pro Software v3.1.  At Modern Image, we are a super-user of Kodak Capture Professional.  We have just completed installation and training on the newest version.  I am extremely pleased with the new version.  With it, there is a nice and easy interface, and enhanced useability.  There is deeper integration with SharePoint.  Overall, this is another great release of a great scanning software package.

From Kodak:

Kodak today released KODAK Capture Pro Software v3.1, the latest addition to Kodak’s expanding software portfolio. With this latest release, customers using the Network Edition of Capture Pro software now have access to the full range of capabilities of the 3.0 release, in addition to a number of new enhancements that address expanded language and scanner support, and features to help improve customer productivity.

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