Modern Image selects Our Favorite Moments Photo Archive

Posted on: March 21, 2012

Everyone is moving their electronic documents to the cloud.  DropBox, SugarSync, Carbonite, iDrive, Google Docs are all out there making it easy to archive and share documents.  When it comes to storing photos, the requirements are different. Users want to edit and tag photos.  They want to share widely and easily with family and friends.  They want a rock solid long-term archive that is safe and secure.  They want to try fun effects, like adding frames, changing colors and contrast, and many other features.  The Scan Man wants to provide the very best service to my clients, and that’s why we recommend storing photos in Our Favorite Moments at

When scanning photos with Modern Image Photo Scanning service, we will upload your photos to OFM as soon as they are scanned so you can start looking, tagging, and sharing immediately.  The price is fantastic.  The best plan gives you unlimited storage for photos (and other media like video and audio).

Our Favorite Moments, powered by ezarchive