Products the Scan Man Likes: MemoryBanc

Posted on: August 2, 2012

MemoryBancKay Bransford, founder of MemoryBanc has an great story behind her business.  This is her story and why MemoryBanc is such a terrific product.

From Kay’s blog, Dealing With Dementia:  My mom stopped liking her favorite foods and my dad stopped joking around. Some changes were subtle while others were so overwhelming and no one else seemed to notice — then a dear friend suggested I start to mourn the loss of myparentsGut-punched.

My siblings and I focus on helping our parents maintain their independence while keeping them (and others) safe. As they move through varying stages of memory loss and dementia, this gets harder each day. My siblings visit, call and write regularly, help maintain my parents’ home and take them to the doctor. I’m not alone, just the first line of defense.

With four of us, we were having trouble transitioning the medical details and home projects smoothly. We also started to face the fact that my parents had no real idea where their money and investment accounts were, or even what the general value of their assets was any longer.

MemoryBanc Monograph

Solving these problems and facing the real issues led me to start this blog, as well as launch my business

I’ve learned a lot, but have a lot more to learn. I hope you will share with me (and the other readers) what you have done and how you have dealt with some of the same situations.

MemoryBanc has different albums where you can collect and manage financial, medical, household and personal documentation and details.  Of course, you will want to have a scanned copy to share!  These are beautiful books and they will not only be treasured, they are invaluable for helping seniors in your life.