Tame the Document Storm

Posted on: March 31, 2014

Kodak Alaris is the new Kodak company that builds the scanners we love at Modern Image.  Read about the Kodak Alaris scanners that are taming the “document storm”

Bustling Businesses Manage The ‘Document Storm’ With Enhanced Scanners From Kodak Alaris

Tame Content

Insurance companies, government agencies and healthcare facilities face a constant storm of paper documents that threaten to flood business processes and impede the flow of critical information. In these busy work environments, batches of paper such as insurance claims, vehicle registrations and patient records can be obstacles to productivity. To stem the tide, enterprises need to quickly extract data from paper-based documents and route the information to the right places at the right time to serve customers.

“Many offices and departments still struggle with the ‘document storm’ – an overwhelming amount of paper that creates workflow bottlenecks,” said Tony Barbeau, General Manager, Document Imaging. “The KODAK i3000 and i4000 Series Scanners are designed to address this, delivering a lot of power at an affordable price to help office workers focus less on the paper and more on the information it contains.”

The KODAK i3000 Series Scanners ( are compact, highly robust, A3 rotary style desktop scanners capable of scanning multiple document types. The i3000 Series Scanners have increased scanning speeds including the KODAK i3400 now at90 pages per minute (ppm).Existing i3000 Series Scanner customers can upgrade the speed on their models with a free download from

Kodak Alaris is adding two new models to the i3000 Series – the KODAK i3250 Scanner and the KODAK i3450 Scanner. Eachincludes a built-in, book-edge A4 flatbed to allow users to easilyscan file folders, book pages, magazines, passports, torn documents and more, while the book-edge scanning feature scans the entire width of book pages with full clarity.

The new KODAK i4200Plus and KODAK i4600Plus Scanners arenow more powerful,allowing users to achieve consistent throughput at 200 and 300 dpi, in bitonal and color.KODAK i4000 Series Scanners are designed to help end users cost-effectively automate document capture and management. These scanners combine walk-up ease of use, one touch scanning, comprehensive software capabilities and simplified integration within new or existing document management processes for a complete information management solution.

“You shouldn’t have to choose between speed and quality for scanning documents. The enhancements to the i3000 and i4000 Series Scanners deliver both,” said Roger Markham, Product Manager, Document Imaging. “With faster speeds and more throughput options, Kodak Alaris has added efficiency and productivity to the capture process. The real benefit of these new features is that users will now be free to focus on more important tasks to help grow their businesses.”

For easy remote monitoring and maintenance, the KODAK i3000 and i4000 Series Scanners work seamlessly with KODAK Asset Management Software.  The software features a dashboard that makes monitoring the scanners’ status and performance a simple task. Users can register, install, configure, and maintain scanners, as well as diagnose and troubleshoot remotely with easy-to-access scanner logs. Together, KODAK Scanners and KODAK Asset Management Software optimize time, budgets, resources and efficiency. Kodak Alaris offers a portfolio of protection plans that help maintain the performance of scanners for content management environments and other business-critical workflows. KODAK Service & Support for Document Imaging Solutions helps businesses protect their investment and generate added value from enhancements in operational efficiencies.

About Kodak Alaris
On September 3, 2013, the U.K. Kodak Pension Plan (KPP) completed its acquisition of the Kodak Document Imaging and Personalized Imaging businesses from Eastman Kodak Company and created a new company known as Kodak Alaris. The new company and its name preserve the heritage and legacy of the Kodak brand, while embodying the speed and agility to meet market needs and changes. Kodak Alaris, which is licensed to use the Kodak brand, will focus on strategic, ongoing investments for these businesses to ensure long-term growth and success. The Kodak trademark and trade dress are used under license from Eastman Kodak Company.

About Kodak Alaris’ Document Imaging Division
Kodak Alaris’ Document Imaging solutions enable customers to capture and consolidate data from digital and paper sources, understand and extract valuable insight from the contents, and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. Our offerings include award-winning scanners, capture and information management software, an expanding range of professional services and industry-leading service and support. With customers ranging from small offices to global operations, Kodak Alaris delivers superior systems and solutions to automate business processes, enhance customer interactions and enable better business decisions.