The Civil War 150 Legacy Project visits Fairfax

Posted on: June 28, 2011

Civil War DocumentOn April 18, 1863, U.S. Cavalry officer William McDowell ended the day with his diary.

“Went out foraging stealing grain. Rebs had lots of wheat stored away. Got 15 bushels for 20 of us,” wrote McDowell. “I can not stand foraging, too much humanity about me, I can not have cheek enough to see old men, women and children cry, while soldiers rob and plunder their last sack of grain.”

McDowell’s diaries, photographs and letters were just a few of the items scanned at the Fairfax Regional Library on Friday as part of Virginia’s Civil War 150 Legacy Project. Archivists from the Library of Virginia used portable scanners and cameras to digitize and catalogue documents for future online research.

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