Case Study – Government Agency

Capitol Building

This large, cabinet-level Federal Department focuses on building government facilities.  Like many Federal Departments, it was tasked with several critical document-related challenges, which not only needed to address compliance concerns, but employee productivity and office efficiencies as well.  The Department had a large archive of paper-based records, including correspondence, email, proposals, contracts, technical drawings and plans, and research.  The personnel files of retired employees contained pertinent information, but were extremely difficult to access and use.  Job performance was impacted negatively due to the difficulty in obtaining important information in a timely manner.  When looking for information, it was not unusual for employees to take days, weeks or even months to locate archived documents, if they could find it at all.  Boxes of paper were stacked to the ceiling in very expensive and crowded office space.  Some offices were not available for employee use because they were overflowing with document boxes. Further, the Department needed to comply with Federal record keeping regulations and COOP (continuity of operations) guidelines.

Modern Image provided an affordable solution, which included document scanning, optical character recognition, and conversion to Adobe PDF files for easy search and retrieval.  The Department has an existing document management system, and the files are easily placed into the system for later retrieval and backup, thereby ensuring that the records are protected in the event of a natural disaster or terrorist attack in the Washington, DC area.  This Department can close its DC doors on short notice and be back in business within a day.  The Department is also achieving compliance with Federal records management retention and disposition policies. Finally, as soon as documents are scanned, they can then be shipped to the National Archives for permanent, offsite storage.

Andy Reiman, president of Modern Image contends, “This Department has already realized benefits of using Modern Image.  They have reclaimed a number of offices for personnel, instead of paper storage.  They have put critical information online, making it possible to get back to work in the event of disaster.  They are pleased to report to the Department Secretary that they are leading the Department in their duty to protect vital government records.”