Digital Medical Record Storage

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With the highly sensitive nature of patient’s medical records, coupled with stiff penalties for HIPAA Privacy violations, it’s essential that health care providers and their staff keep that data organized and secure.  If your medical office suffers from disorganized record storage, your files are kept in various locations, or are overflowing, you-and your patients-could benefit greatly from digital medical record storage.

Better Patient Care

By using digital medical record storage, health care providers and their staff are able to manage patient information electronically, in a highly secure manner.  This not only enables for patient information to be protected in the highest level, but also allows review of information, a more comprehensive patient history and sharing of patient information within a given practice.

Digital patient records and electronic storage improve overall care of the patient by immediately identifying those who need regular medical tests, screenings and preventative care.  Patients who are at risk, or have certain chronic conditions can be referenced and sent reminders for vaccinations, blood pressure assessment, and cholesterol and diabetes testing.  With an electronic data trail, healthcare providers can track and monitor a patient’s information over time.

Secure and Organized Information

Modern Image USA can assist your medical office in organizing your digital medical record storage.  Our record management team will meet with you in your office, deduce your medical records needs, and prepare a no-obligation, no-cost estimate for your medical record scanning and organization.  Because the nature of your business is sensitive and security of your patients information is essential, we will present your estimate to you within 24 hours.

Today’s health care facilities and medical offices are hubs of multi-tasking.  Keeping up with insurance changes, benefits, guidelines, and other necessary-but seemingly constant minutia can make staying organized a challenge.  When you have all of your data well-contained and ready to be accessed electronically, your job is a lot easier.

Let the professionals at Modern Image USA help you create a central catalogue that can make your day-to-day business run much more efficiently and securely, with the help of digital medical record storage.  Your patient chats and other sensitive data, in hard copy, will be picked up at your location, organized and inventoried for tracking purposes.  Your records will be securely transported to our facility.scanned, output into PDF files, and transferred to your electronic storage system.

Once we’ve organized your records, we will shred the documents, with your approval,and provide you with certification of destruction of those records.  Our secure facility submits to independent audits to ensure compliance with HIPAA security rules.   Modern Image USA respects the sensitive nature of your information.

The Benefits of Digital Medical Record Storage

The following are some of the benefits of scanning your medical records and storing them digitally:

  • Medical records won’t get lost – There’s always a risk of physical medical records being misplaced when they are filed away, making them difficult to locate again. Not to mention that physical medical records can be stolen, damaged or completely destroyed due to a number of reasons. When storing your medical records digitally, you ensure that they cannot be destroyed since they will be properly backed up. They’ll never get lost either since a simple search will bring them up immediately.
  • Medical records will be easily accessible – It’s essential for medical practitioners to be able to access medical records for their patients as soon as possible. Not being able to do so can not only make them less efficient as far as time is concerned, it could be detrimental to the health of their patients. By storing medical records digitally, medical practitioners should be able to access them instantly while with their patients.
  • Medical records will be more accurate – Medical records that have been damaged or contain handwriting can be difficult to read. The writing on older records can become smeared or less legible over time as well. Electronic records will preserve the medical information that was written down.
  • Physical storage space will not be required – The space you are using in order to store physical medical records can be used for a better purpose if you decide to store your records digitally instead. For example, the room could be used as another patient room or office instead of just a storage area. Not to mention that over the years, you may end up running out of room if you store physical records, which will present another difficult challenge.

Our Medical Record Digital Storage Process

At Modern Image, we will provide you with a free estimate within 24 hours. When packing up your medical records, we will create an inventory as we go. Your records will be securely delivered to our scanning site, which is independently audited for HIPAA compliance.

We will then use production grade scanners to scan all of your medical documents. Each digital scan will be inspected to ensure that they match the quality of the original document. Once all documents are scanned, they will be categorized and indexed to your specific needs. The documents will then be output to PDF files and sent to your electronic medical records system. The last step will be to securely shred the documents if required.

Free up  office space, organize  patient records, and manage your practice’s security by switching from paper to digital medial record storage. Modern Image USA has offices in Fairfax, VA.  We proudly serve the DC area, and are members of the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce and belong to the National Association of Professional Organizers, Washington DC.  Modern Image USA is a name you can trust.