Digital Record Management in DC, VA, & MD

It’s not enough to just enough to digitize your company documents. Yes, doing so helps to save space and ensures that vital documents don’t get lost or damaged, but you need to implement an effective digital record management. For example, without proper digital record management, your digitized files can still get lost or can be difficult to access. Digital organization is essential once your documents have been scanned and digitized or else the point of having done so will be lost. Here at Modern Image, we use M-Files in order to provide our customers with effective digital record management.

Our Document Management Services

First of all, there’s a pretty good chance that you don’t have the time or resources to properly digitize your company’s records in-house. We have the expertise and technology needed to handle all of your electronic document managing and imaging systems.

We will begin the process by sending our document management engineers to your location where they will secure your documents. We will catalog, box and assign tracking numbers to all of your documents. Once this is done, they will be scanned and the original documents will either be returned to you or shredded according to your instructions.

With the use of our electronic document management and imaging system, you will have access to your own electronic library, which will make it easy for you – and anyone you grant access to your files – to access, share, distribute, edit and sort stored information. Not only does this make your business or organization more efficient, it will also help save office space and reduce your company or organization’s environmental footprint.

M-Files Document Management

To provide the most effective document management service to our customers, we make use of M-Files software. M-Files provides industry leading information management solutions that will make it easy for you to find, share and secure records and information. M-Files has proven to be effective for all types of companies and organizations, including those in highly regulated industries such as finance, law and healthcare.

M-Files allows you to organize your records in an efficient manner that makes them easy to find and access, without sacrificing security in the case of more sensitive records. For example, medical records, employee records or expense reports. M-Files even allows for simple email management. As robust as the M-Files document management system is, it manages to be incredibly user-friendly at the same time, which is why we use it.

If you are in need of digitizing and digital record management, then there’s only one place to turn – Modern Image. We have built a reputation throughout the D.C. area for our comprehensive, efficient and secure document management services. We strive to meet the individual needs of every customer and can help you to digitize and organize documents, invoices, client records and more in an easy-to-understand and efficient manner. Contact us at Modern Image for additional information today.