Document Scanning for Dentists

Scanning Medical Records, X-Rays, Financial Documents, & More

If you run a dental practice, then you know how important all of your documents are. Your practice has to store documents that describe patient dental records, payment records and more, all of which you need to be able to access quickly in order to make efficient use of your time. If you still store your documents in physical form, then it may be time to invest in our professional document scanning services.

Benefits of Document Scanning for Dentists

The following are three reasons why you should have your documents scanned:

1. Ensure that important documents are never lost

Losing your patient’s medical histories, X-rays and payment histories is not a good thing. Unfortunately, this can happen if you’re storing physical copies. We will scan each document that you have using our state-of-the-art scanning system to ensure that each image matches the original in quality. You’ll never have to worry about misplacing documents or losing documents to unfortunate circumstances, such as flooding, fires or theft.

2. Make documents easier to access

Once your documents have been scanned and digitized, they will be much easier to access. Trying to find physical documents can take a lot of time – especially if you have file cabinets full of them. Spending time searching for documents makes your practice run less efficiently, which in turn will cost you money. Being able to pull up your patient’s information on your computer or on a tablet as they are checking our or while they are in the dentist chair will make your practice run much more efficiently.

3. Make more efficient use of your space

Most dental practices only have so much room. The last thing you want is to take up an entire room for storage. The longer you stay in business and the more patients you pick up, the more space those documents are going to end up taking up. By scanning and digitizing all of your documents, you’ll no longer need that space. You could use that storage space as an additional office or even another treatment room, which means that you can use it to increase the profit of your practice.

Our Document Scanning Services for Dentists

We use high-end scanners that are cleaned multiple times a day to ensure the image quality of all of your documents. We also have the ability to scan large collections of pages – we can handle over ten million documents if needed. When we scan a document, we give it a unique file name so that you’ll have no trouble finding and accessing it once it’s been digitized. Additionally, all files will be encrypted to ensure their safety and security. Also worth noting is that our facility is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) regulations.

We have the capability to scan virtually any kind of document a dental practice may generate, including (but not limited to):

  • X-Rays
  • Patient Records
  • Insurance Records
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • And More

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If you run a dental practice, then you should strongly consider the benefits of our document scanning services. For more information about our document scanning abilities or any of our other services, be sure to contact us at Modern Image today.