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Legal Document Scanning in Virginia, Maryland, & DC

Law offices hold a lot of information, a good bit of that information is highly personal and confidential. There is a certain amount of risk involved in retaining the paper copies of such delicate and sensitive material in a file drawer, or locked file room, on the premises of your law firm.

Anyone, at any time, can avail themselves of confidential client information, which could serve to harm or legally destroy the parties whom you represent. Additionally, with hard-copy files, financial information as well as client and staff records, can be easily obtained by those who seek to do so. Close those gaps by eliminating hard copies of sensitive and classified info by enlisting the services of a document scanning service you can trust.

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Legal Document Scanning Leader

Modern Image is your trusted document scanning service. Located in the Fairfax, VA area, Modern Image has been the preferred document scanning service for businesses, non-profits, and government agencies for more than a decade. We work directly with your administrative staff to ensure the most secure transfer of hard copy documents. There’s no middleman.

Modern Image values the trust your law firm places in our ability to secure your most confidential information. Our management solutions will enable you and your staff to rest easy in the knowledge that your information will never be destroyed, misplaced, or misappropriated. Organization is easy and retrieval of your documents is just a secure mouse click away.

Scanning and digitizing is easy when you enlist the services of Modern Image. We have the ability to scan any number of documents of all sizes. Your client notes and case summaries, as well as any images, oversized documents, paper, microfilm, and more, can be easily converted to electronic files.

Secure Retrieval

Modern Image will retrieve your physical data in a highly protected way. All of our employees are bonded and have passed numerous background checks. We have many dealings with government organizations so security clearance is of the utmost concern.

Your documents and files will be taken to our highly secure facility, where your files will be scanned, digitized and indexed. The digitized files will be returned to your law firm, and the paper documents and hard copies shredded and destroyed, should you so choose.

Instantly Organized

Our goal is to ensure your highly classified and privileged information is securely digitized for only the right people to obtain. Additionally, we strive to help your law firm operate in a more efficient manner with the implementation of a digital office system. Additional offices can retrieve necessary information instantly, eliminating so many steps for admin personnel.

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Modern Image is customer-oriented and your complete satisfaction is our primary concern. We are compliant with all of the laws governing MD, VA and DC governing legal and ethical  management of client records.  For more information on how your law firm can improve security, save money, and become better organized, contact Modern Image today for your free, no obligation estimate.