Document Scanning for Nursing Homes

Document scanning is a service that most businesses could benefit from, but this is especially true for medical care practices and related businesses, such as nursing homes. A single nursing home can be responsible for hundreds of elderly residents and all of their medical needs. As you know, documentation on each resident, their payment histories and their medical histories have to be kept on-site, which is why you should consider scanning your nursing home documents and digitizing them.

Why You Should Scan Your Nursing Home Documents

The following are a few of the main reasons why you should invest in our document scanning services here at Modern Image:

  1. Create easier access to important patient histories – Many residents in nursing homes need to be cared for and can’t be held responsible for their own medication. Having the right medical histories for each patient is extremely important to their health. By scanning medical documents and uploading them, the nurses and doctors at your nursing home can have instant access to vital medical data, allowing them to provide the proper medication and treatment to your residents.
  2. Save storage space – Seeing as how many nursing homes care for the elderly, there tends to be some turnover every year. This means that when new residents move in, you’ll have a lot more paperwork to file and keep organized. You won’t want to just throw away the documentation of older residents since it’s generally a good idea to keep a history of your residents. Instead of having file cabinets full of such documents taking up valuable space, you should have them scanned and digitized. This way, they’ll exist in an electronic form, allowing you to destroy physical documents without worrying about the information being lost. The space that you save could be turned into another office or even another bedroom.
  3. Prevent documents from being lost or destroyed – Physical documents are prone to being misplaced – and if you have file cabinets full of paperwork, you may never find them again. Not to mention that if there were a fire, flood or theft, certain documents could be damaged or lost forever as well. By scanning your documents and digitizing them, you’ll ensure that you’ll always have backup copies.
  4. Preserve the image quality of your documents – Physical documents tend to deteriorate over time. You can ensure that wear and tear don’t factor into the condition of your documents by having them scanned.

Our Document Scanning Services

We use state-of-the-art scanning systems in order to scan large collections of documents. In fact, we are capable of scanning collections of ten million documents and more. We ensure the quality of each scanned document by removing paper clips and staples, and by scanning sticky notes and other small papers individually as well. Additionally, we clean our scanner systems multiple times a day.

We have the capability to scan virtually any kind of document a medical practice may generate, including (but not limited to):

  • X-Rays
  • Patient Records
  • Insurance Records
  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • And More

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