Document Scanning for Auto Dealerships

Serving Northern Virginia, Washington, DC, & Maryland

Automotive dealerships process a tremendous amount of paperwork. From sales contracts to financial documents to employee compensation records, the automotive industry generates more paper record than most businesses.

Over time, all this paperwork can pile up, leading to cabinets and even rooms full of vital–and sensitive–information. If this sounds like your situation, Modern Image can help. We can scan and manage virtually any kind of document–and even provide you with digital document management software if you do not already have a solution available for that.

Types of Documents We Can Scan

There are many types of files, documentation, and paper records that you may want to consider converting, these might include;

  • HR Records
  • Financial Documentation
  • Client Files
  • Personnel Files
  • Study Records
  • Job Applicant Resumes and Applications
  • Health Care Forms
  • Medical Records
  • Legal Documents
  • And More

Benefits of Document Scanning for Your Auto Dealership

  • Track and Share Your Records – When you have your company’s financial documents scanned, they become a file that can be used on your server or hard drive. After we scan your documents, we’ll sort and file them in a way that works best for you and your employees for easy access to your files and the ability to share them throughout your office. No more running to storage and searching for hours just to find one file!
  • Protection from Disasters – When your files are electronically stored, it is easy to create backup files. Your backup files are stored off site and can be accessed whenever you need them. Paper files can only be in one location, if that location becomes subject to flooding, fire, or other disasters, your files are gone forever. Having your financial files electronically scanned can guarantee that your files are protected, no matter what happens.
  • Quick Access to Electronic Documents – If you are faced with an event like an audit, having your files scanned and stored electronically can help. When your  documents are scanned and stored electronically they can be quickly searched, allowing you to comply quickly, avoiding fines and other consequences from your auditor.
  • Create Space and Reduce Storage Costs – Paper files can take up a large amount of space—you may even have to store them off-site—which most likely costs your business more and may lead to security breaches. By having your files financial documents scanned and stored electronically, you can save money and create space in your office or storage facility.

Our document scanning for dealerships can help your employees work more efficiently and reduce the risk of loss when it comes to important financial information. Give us a call to learn more about how your business can benefit!