Bulk Scanning Services

There are many reasons why companies that have yet to begin storing their data digitally should seriously consider doing so now. There are too many drawbacks to keeping your data in a hard copy format, and your day-to-day business is simply going to run more smoothly if you use our bulk scanning services in order to digitally convert all of your paperwork. The following are just a few of the reasons why you should use our bulk scanning services:

  • Better organization and accessibility – Going through your file cabinets and sifting through hundreds of papers looking for a single document is incredibly time consuming and frustrating. Once you’ve scanned all your documents and uploaded them to a computer system, you’ll be able to access your files instantly due to the fact that you’ll be able to organize them digitally by name, making them instantly accessible via a simple search. Not only does this make documents easier to find, it will make them easier to share as well.
  • Less risk of loss – Physical paperwork can easily be lost, especially if your company moves locations, if your paperwork is reorganized and misplaced or if paperwork is destroyed by water or fire damage. Scanning all of your paperwork ensures that you won’t lose it – especially if you back it up to additional hard drives.
  • Improve efficiency – Your employees will save time since they won’t have to spend hours looking for documents. Not to mention that they won’t have to waste time photocopying the original document, faxing it or mailing off copies. This will make them much more productive at work and can help eliminate some of the overtime hours your employees need to use for such tasks, thereby improving workplace efficiency and even helping to save money.
  • Save space – Physical paperwork takes up a lot of space. Instead of taking up an entire room by filling it with file cabinets and shelves full of physical documents, you can scan all your documents and upload them to a computer, backing them up to a hard drive. Not only does this allow you to use that additional space for other purposes, but it could end up saving you money as your business may not need to rent out as large of a space to use.

When we scan your documents, we will use state-of-the-art scanners to ensure that each digital copy is of the highest quality. Additionally, we will index every document with a unique file name so that it can be easily found. If you are converting to digital storage, then there’s a good chance that you’ll have a large number of documents that will need to be scanned. We can handle huge document collections with our bulk scanning services. In fact, we can handle document collections that consist of over 10,000,000 pages. For information about our bulk scanning services or about our scanning services in general, be sure to contact us at Modern Image today.