Document Conversion Services

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Businesses that find themselves needing more space due to the amount of storage required for their physical documents should strongly consider converting their physical documents to digital files. Not only will you be able to save a tremendous amount of space, you’ll have much quicker and easier access to all of your documents if they are stored digitally. All you’ll need to do is name the files and you’ll be able to look them up in an instant. Here at Modern Image, we will be able to provide your business with the document conversion service you need.

Digitizing Your Documents

In addition to saving space and making your files more accessible, you’ll also be protecting your documents against disasters, such as fires or flooding. Not to mention that it will be easier for employees to share documents and will help cut down on the time they are wasting look for physical documents and making copies to fax or mail out, thereby saving you money as well. Here at Modern Image, we can convert all types of documents, including HR records, financial documents, client files, personnel files, health care forms, medical records, job applicant resumes, job applicant forms, legal documents, study records and much more. We can even scan entire books in order to preserve the pages in a digital form so that they’ll never be rendered unreadable due to damage or lost.

Our Conversion Services

We make sure that all of the documents that we digitize are done in a way that retains their original quality and readability. There’s no point in digitizing a document that you can barely read in its digital form, after all. We will also name and organize the files we digitize so that you won’t have to worry about trying to find and organize thousands of newly digitized files. As for books and photographs, we use a Fujitsu ScanSnap Contactless Scanner. This state-of-the-art scanner not only scans papers and photographs in the highest possible quality, but it can even minimize wrinkles and scratches that appear in images.

So how exactly does our digital conversion process work? We will send a team of our document management engineers to your location where they will secure the documents that you want digitized. We will catalog, box and assign a tracking number to these documents. Once we have finished digitizing them, we will either return your physical documents back to you or shred them if you choose to dispose of them.

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We have been providing document conversion and shredding services since 2006 and have fostered a reputation for not only our high quality work but also our excellent customer service. By choosing our services, you’ll ensure that sensitive data is kept safe and secure during the digitization or shredding process. We can also handle a large amount of documents at a time if you are in need of bulk scanning or shredding. For a free estimate, be sure to contact us at Modern Image today.