Document Scanning for Colleges & Universities

Serving Virginia, Washington, DC, & Maryland

Colleges and universities accumulate massive quantities of paperwork each year as thousands of students enroll, schedule coursework, sign up for student health insurance, and more. The potential for highly personal data, such as social security numbers, financial information, addresses, and the like, to fall into the wrong hands is great when this information is stored in areas such as admissions offices, or financial aid offices.  When technology offers a more secure alternative to hard-copy storage, why not utilize it?

That’s where Modern Image can help.  Our company has been assisting such entities as financial institutions, government agencies, attorneys, and non-profits, with scanning, digitizing, storing, and discarding of documents and files filled with personal information, since 2008.  We take your hard-copy records and organize them in a digital format, creating a system of files which can be accessed and referenced at the click of a mouse.

Our Process for Document Scanning

As celebrated members of the National Association of Professional Organizers in Washington, D. C., area businesses and organizations have put their trust in Modern Image.  If your college or university offices are buried in tomes of information, Modern Image. can help organize your files, free up precious office space, and streamline storage so that you never have to worry about misplacing sensitive information, or letting it fall into the wrong hands.

Security is our number one concern for your students, alumni, faculty and staff.  With security in mind, our professional organizers will come to your office, assess your needs, and present our ideas for scanning and digitizing your records.  We’ll then send out our retrieval team to secure your files and documents in sealed cartons, never letting them out of our sight.

Once your records are transported to our facility, they will be scanned, and put in the appropriate digital storage format.  You’ll have the opportunity to review the records and opt for shredding and destruction of the hard copies so they cannot be compromised.

Streamlined and Secure Document Management

Over the course of the last decade, more and more companies have turned to  digitized record keeping, not only for the security, but for the ease of access as well.  Should the need arise for a paper copy of your file, you simply print one.  Office managers and personnel rave about the organization that comes with our process, and the absence of cluttered office shelves and storage rooms equates to a more productive staff.  If you’d like to know more about how your office can become more secure, free up space and get organized, contact Modern Image.