Document Scanning for Schools

Serving Virginia, Washington, DC, & Maryland

Today’s schools are a hub of information. Documents regarding your students, or family, some of it highly personal in nature, are there for anyone to see. Medical conditions, background information, addresses, work schedule, social security numbers, and, in some cases, financial records, exist in this hub of activity, where just about anyone can gain access.

Not only is security of sensitive information a risk, but as thousands of students come through the doors of schools every year, the sheer quantity of paperwork can quickly become difficult to store and manage. Document scanning from Modern Image can  help alleviate both security concerns and space constraints by digitizing school documents and storing them on a secure document management system.

Trusted Document Scanning Professionals

Modern Image provides schools, medical offices, financial institutions and businesses storing sensitive personal information, with a means to destroy hard-copy documents, and a method of saving necessary data more securely, in digital format.  Our document shredding services for schools take paper records, record them digitally, then destroy the stored documents.  We dispose of the shredded material, supplying you with a certificate of destruction.

With the assistance of Modern Image, sensitive information remains accessible via your secure computer files-a much easier environment to control.  Your offices will also be far less cluttered and searching for student records, or accessing transcript information is as easy as clicking your mouse.

Modern Image is located in the DC area, where we’ve earned the trust of businesses, non-profits, and government agencies.  We’re proud of our affiliation with the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, as well as our membership in the National Association of Professional Organizers in Washington, DC.  Our clients have a need, and we provide.  Our reputation speaks for itself and our reference list keeps growing.  Client satisfaction is very important to us at Modern Image.

Secure and Professional Document Organization

Our organizational expert will come to your school and assess the need for document scanning, organizing, and eventual shredding.  We’ll advise you on how to proceed in the most beneficial way.  We’ll quote a price for the entire project, and schedule a time to begin.

When your decision is made, we’ll send a team to your school offices to retrieve your files.  Under your watchful eye, our trustworthy team will box the files and load them on our truck.  With complete regard for the sensitive nature of your information, we’ll securely transport the files and documents back to our Virginia facility, where we will scan and store your information digitally to be returned to you.

Once you’re satisfied, we’lll destroy the hard copy files in our possession so no breach will ever be possible.  For the safety and security of students and families alike, trust Modern Image with your document organization.  Contact Modern Image today and ensure the privacy of your students, families, and staff as well.