Historical Document Digitization

Original historical documents are often irreplaceable and quite valuable.  When libraries, archivists, and those who have stewardship over these precious texts, preserve and protect them, circulating these original treasures becomes impossible.  Damage to any historical documentation, or rare texts, can cause degradation and damage.

For many years the only way to make these original texts available to interested parties was by placing them in a museum, or archiving them in a vaulted room.  Actual hands on perusal of these papers wasn’t possible and much of what we knew of such things was through history books and chronicles.  Thank goodness for the digital age!

Share Your Precious History

Today, when your business has historic documents or one-of-a-kind pictures or renderings, relevant to the background and development of your company, or if your civic organization owns  texts valuable to your community, the documents can be digitized, the originals stored safely away.  Your associates or community members are able to view the historical document digitization to their hearts’ content.  Once digitized, the content of these precious papers is preserved for centuries.

Modern Image, USA is your go-to, in the DC area, for historical document digitization.  We are members of the National Organization of Professional Organizers, Washington, DC, and have been providing our services for document scanning, as well as file management, since 2006.  As the area’s preeminent document scanning and storage professional service, our client list includes medical practices, law offices, accounting firms and the federal government.

Preserve What is Priceless With Digitization

When dealing with priceless pieces of history, whether pertaining to corporation charters, national interest, or simply community lore, the professionals at Modern Image, USA understand there are no do-overs.  That’s why our employees are thoroughly screened, trained and instructed on how to manage such invaluable documentation.

Historical document digitization is a  relatively new way of preserving precious pieces of the past.  By digitizing these records you are able to make them accessible from just about anywhere. Historical document digitization is also a marvelous tool to use to follow more recent texts, predicting trends in business, or advertising.

With digitized documents, items previously unavailable to the average person, such as Hemingway’s original manuscript, or LBJ’s handwritten notes, or original rosters from your favorite teams.  All of it preserved for your personal viewing, and even accessible from your living room.

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If you would like to permanently preserve your company’s original documents, your library’s most coveted first editions, or your school’s history, trust your historical document digitization to Modern Image.  No other document digitization specialist comes close to the professionalism we offer.

With care, we will scan and digitize your data.  You’ll never need to worry about careless handling or mishaps. Modern Image, USA is a proud member of the Fairfax County, Virginia, Chamber of Commerce and upstanding community business.  Contact Modern Image, USA for all of your scanning and data management, including historical document digitization.