Enterprise Document Management

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Implementing an enterprise document management system into your business or organization is vital to keeping your operation’s information organized. Enterprise document management systems allow you to organize and distribute unstructured content, such as documents, images, surveys, emails, records and more.

A good enterprise document management system will not only allow you to efficiently organize this content, but make it easy to access and distribute in a secure manner as well. Here at Modern Image, we make use of M-Files software to provide our customers with one of the highest quality enterprise document management systems on the market.

The Benefits of Using an Enterprise Document Management System

To get a better understanding of how an enterprise document management system (AKA “enterprise content management system”) can help your organization, consider the following benefits:

  • More control – You’ll have the ability to access all of your data immediately while also being able to maintain histories and audit trails. You can even automate the distribution of your content, which can help eliminate manual data management and the time it takes up.
  • Improved productivity – Traditional methods for locating and supplying information tends to take up a lot of time. This lack of efficiency hurts productivity, which affects profitability. Having access to your organization’s data at your fingertips helps boost productivity substantially.
  • Save storage space – If your organization has been keeping its data in the form of hard copies, then you know how much space that can take up. By digitizing your data, you can save a substantial amount of space that can be used more effectively for other purposes. It can also help cut overhead costs down, since you you will no longer need as much space for storing all of your documents.
  • Backup data – Hard copies can easily be misplaced, damaged or destroyed due to a number of circumstances. By digitizing your data and organizing it using an enterprise document management system, you ensure that valuable information will never be lost or damaged.
  • Improve communication – Communication throughout your organization will be improved as a result of more efficient and better managed websites, billing processes, computer networks and more.

M-Files Enterprise Document Management

Here at Modern Image, we use one of the most trusted and highly regarded enterprise document management systems on the market – M-Files. M-Files software makes it easy to find, access, share and secure documents and information, even for organizations and businesses within highly regulated industries, such as finance, law and healthcare industries.

We work with M-Files software in order to help your business or organization to implement a simple, user-friendly document storage and management solution that allows you to do everything from managing emails and expense reports to organizing customer records and employee records.

Enterprise Document Management by Modern Image

As you can see, a good enterprise document management system is essential to any organization or business in this day and age. Find out more about our document management services or about our M-Files enterprise document management solutions by contacting us at Modern Image today.