Digital Historical Archiving in DC, VA, MD

Here at Modern Image, we provide a number of valuable scanning and digitizing services. One of the services that your business may want to take advantage of is our historical archiving service.

The Importance of Historical Archiving

There are a number of reasons why you should strongly consider having historical documents archived digitally using our scanning services. The following are the three main reasons why historical archiving is such an important service:

  1. Preserve historical importance – Historical documents tend to have some importance to them, whether they are photographs or text. Throughout history, important historical documents have been lost forever for numerous reasons, whether they were destroyed or simply misplaced. By archiving your historical documents, you’ll ensure that a copy will always exist, which means the historical importance of the documents will always be preserved.
  2. Preserve condition – Many historical documents tend to be very old, which means that their condition is very sensitive. Museums and libraries are not going to want to continually handle these documents as it will cause their condition to worsen over time. By digitizing them, the originals can be kept somewhere safe and secure to preserve their condition, and their copies can simply be viewed on a computer or mobile device, or even printed out when needed.
  3. Grant wider access – Historical documents are valuable in that they can provide something of value to anyone who views or reads them. Unfortunately, passing them around to students at a school or to visitors at a museum is not only an inefficient way to provide a them with a wider audience, it’s likely going to cause their condition to deteriorate, and will increase the risk of loss or damage. By archiving your historical documents, you can provide easy access to copies of them over the computer or mobile device for anyone you want to provide access to.

Our Historical Archiving Service

We can scan and digitize a variety of historical documents for any business. We have a reputation for our high quality historical archiving services, ensuring that the digital versions of your documents will be as close in quality to the original documents as possible. We also take great care when handling your historical documents when scanning them so that they are returned in the exact same condition that they were in.

We can work with archives, colleges, libraries and museums to archive their historical documents. We have worked with a wide number of businesses throughout the D.C. area, including government agencies, medical offices, accounting business and law firms. Not only does our reputation among our clients speak for itself, but we are also a proud member of the National Association of Professional Organizers.

If your business or organization has historical documents that haven’t been scanned and digitized yet, be sure to consider taking advantage of our historical archiving service in order to preserve your historic documents, ensure that they will never be lost and grant wider access to them. Contact us at Modern Image for additional information today.