Medical Document Scanning in South Carolina

Anyone that runs a medical practice or a medical-related business knows how important their medical records are. Not only do medical records contain sensitive information about patients, but they contain information that is vital in terms of providing them with the proper treatment.

However, the more patients you take on and the longer you treat them for, the more paperwork you’ll end up needing to store. This paperwork can take up a lot of space that you could be using for other purposes. Not to mention that the more medical documents you have, the more difficult it becomes to keep everything organized and to find what you need when you need it. Because of this, you should consider scanning your medical documents.

Reasons For Scanning Your Medical Documents

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider having your medical documents scanned and digitized:

  • You will save space – By scanning and uploading your medical documents, you’ll no longer need to keep hard copies of your medical files on site. You can either move them to a secure off-site location that’s cheaper to maintain or have them shredded since you’ll have digital copies available through your computer network. This saved space can be used for a new exam room, making your practice more efficient.
  • You’ll be able to retrieve files quicker – When your medical records are available through your computer system, you’ll be able to retrieve them with a simple search while you’re with a patient instead of having to dig through your file room while your patient waits. Your files won’t get lost either, which is a problem that you do not want to deal with.
  • You’ll adhere to HIPAA compliance – File rooms are typically not secure under HIPAA. If your charts are available through your computer system, a complete audit trail will be possible. HIPAA has fined many practices for not being able to produce patient charts in a timely manner, after all.
  • You’ll improve your patient outcome – Providing doctors and medical professionals the ability to quickly review as well as share digital charts securely and remotely on their mobile devices will help improve patient outcome.

How We Can Help Scan Your Medical Documents

We will carefully pack all of your medical documents for you if you haven’t done so yourself in order to take them to our scanning facility. Our facility has been independently audited for HIPAA compliance. We will then use our state-of-the-art scanning systems to make sure each document is scanned to the highest quality possible. We will be able to scan in bulk, making our process an efficient one as well.

We will output the scanned documents to PDFS and upload them to your Electronic Medical Records system. Original documents will then be shredded securely according to your authorization.

Having your medical documents scanned will help to not only benefit your medical practice, but your patients as well. For more information about our medical document scanning process, contact us at Modern Image today.