Medical Record Data Entry in DC, MD & VA

If you work in a medical office that is quickly becoming overrun with paper files and old customer records, you may want to consider having your paper files transferred over to electronic files. There are many benefits to switching to online medical records, and clearing space in your medical practice is just one advantage.

While most medical practices now have updated files that allow data entry for medical records, most of these offices still have boxes, or store rooms, filled with previous medical files. There may be legal reasons for keeping these files, however space is a valuable commodity, and keeping these files in storage can be both costly and make it hard to find what you need.

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Data Entry Software for Medical Records

When it comes to your new software, no doubt it was designed for easy data entry for medical records. So how do you combine these paper files with the online files? The answer is medical document scanning.  Here at Modern Image, we are experts at scanning your old medical records. We upload all our scanned files, categorizing and indexing them to your specific requests. When we finish scanning your files, you will have clear and concise copies of all those old paper files that were filling up your office. The paper files are then securely shredded and disposed of to ensure maximum security and protection.

All medical charts we scan are output to PDF files and with your permission, our scanning experts will send them straight to your company’s electronic medical records system. We have completed this many times and are skilled at loading large amounts of scanned charts to all different types of medical systems.

Once the medical records are in your system, you will be able to view them easily, and they will be categorized to your medical practice’s directions, so finding the file you are looking for will be simple. No more paper trail to follow just to look at a single patient file.

If you would like to bring your old paper files into line with your current data entry for medical records system, contact the experts at Modern Image today.

Reasons To Digitize Paper Files

The following are just a few of the reasons why you should consider digitizing all of your paper documents so that you can enter old data into your new electronic medical records system:

  • Save room – Physical paper documents can end up taking up a lot of space, especially if you have an entire room dedicated to holding your file cabinets. By digitizing your documents, you can use this space for a more effective purpose, such as by turning it into an office or another patient room.
  • Make data easier to access – Searching through all of those old documents can be extremely tough, especially if something has been misplaced. Once it’s been digitized, all you’ll need to do is a simple search in order to access it almost instantly. This makes things a lot more efficient around the office.
  • Improve safety and security of your data – Physical documents can easily be lost, damaged, destroyed or even stolen. If your office floods or catches fire, your documents could be lost forever. If they’ve been scanned and uploaded to your system, they’ll never get lost or damaged. Most systems are built to be secure as well, so you won’t have to worry about sensitive data being stolen.

Our Data Entry Process

To get to the point where you can enter the data your physical documents contain into your electronic medical records system, we will begin by packing up all of your documents. We will keep these documents organized and securely transport them to our scanning facility, which has undergone an independent audit to ensure HIPAA compliance.

We will prep all of your documents for scanning. We will use a production-grade Kodak scanner in order to scan your documents, checking each one to ensure that it is of high quality. Every document we digitize will be of the same quality as the original document. Once scanned, each document is categorized and indexed according to your specifications.

Finally, we will output the digitized files into PDFs, which we will then upload your electronic medical records system. If you want us to safely destroy the physical copies of your medical records, we will shred them and provide a certificate of destruction.

Why Choose Modern Image?

Modern Image has been in the business of document scanning since 2006. We have worked with hundreds of medical practices to help bring their systems up to date and to help them clear space by disposing of all their old paper files. We scan and dispose of all paper files in a secure environment so that you do not have to worry about information breaches.

Our staff are all scanning professionals and work hard to give you the highest quality product available. If you would like to know more about our medical document scanning
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