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Newspaper Document Scanners in Washington, DC, Virginia & Maryland

Each and everyday libraries, museums, civic and cultural organizations, and historical societies in this country are faced with a challenge: how to store newspapers, periodicals, and microfilm.  These different media hold untold amounts of information that is important, or may one day be relevant or necessary, to the community. Yet stacks and stacks of these types of material take up a good bit of space in otherwise close quarters.

A professional newspaper scanning service can help eliminate the piles of documents crowding your office or municipal building while the information and important articles you wish to retain are safe and secure. Organizing, filing, and storing these periodicals and newspapers, cataloging and referencing microfilm can mean many hours spent by volunteers or paid employees assigned to the task.

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Newspaper Scanning Professionals

Your time can be put to better use when you utilize professional newspaper scanning services of Modern Image. For more than a decade, Modern Image has been providing document management services to those in and around the Fairfax, VA and DC area. Our high quality scanning process is designed to streamline your information storage by digitizing your files and helping you realize a truly paperless work environment.

The Modern Image professional retrieval team will secure your newspapers, transport them to our facility, and scan all of your original data in a safe and protected manner. We will then digitize the information for your convenience and destroy the originals or return them to you, as per your instructions.

When you enlist the services of Modern Image you’ll never have to worry. We take care of your documents, making certain they’re preserved for future generations. Our newspaper scanning services aren’t limited to “just newspapers”. We can scan and digitize all types of reference material. Such as:

  • Newspapers
  • Books and Personal Journals
  • Drawings and Illustrations
  • Films and Slides (including X-ray and Mylar Images)
  • Papers and Records of Varying Weight (onion skin, card stock, etc)
  • Fragile Documents, Irreplaceable Papers, Historical Records
  • And much more

Your newspapers should be preserved and available to those who would like them. With newspaper scanning from Modern Image you’ll never need to worry over the mishandling of fragile and one-of-a-kind records. Keep your files clean, preserved and always accessible with newspaper scanning and digitization from Modern Image USA.

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Modern Image is much more than a business in the DC area, we are a part of the community. We’re quite proud of our involvement as members of the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce. We’re honored to a part of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Washington, DC. and our dedication to our customers is unmatched.

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