Document Scanning for Office Cleanouts

If your office space is beginning to feel cramped, and you are wondering how you can get more out of your space, clearing out paper files and documents is a great solution. Files whether they are customer files, tax documentation, or legal paperwork, can take up a lot of space, however you can’t just throw them away. Having your files scanned is a great way to keep all your important information whilst making more room.

If you are looking to have your files scanned, contact us at Modern Image today, we offer a complete document scanning and organization service.

Scan Your Business Documents, Get More Space

There are many advantages to converting your paper files to electronic files, from gaining more space to having faster access, here are some of the advantages you can gain from scanning your paper files.

  • Paper files are often stored in cabinets, boxes, or are taking up valuable storage space, this space is instantly freed up once you have your files scanned.
  • Paper files are often left in unsecured areas, this is not good if you have any type of secure information. Once files are scanned, they can be electronically locked down and you can allow access to those that need it the most.
  • If you currently have files in off-site storage you may be paying for extra space you don’t need. Have your files digitized and you can either save money, or use the storage space for your office needs.
  • When you clear space by digitizing your files, you can then use that space for meetings, extra staff, or spread out what is currently a crammed office space.
  • Going paperless can reduce stress in the office. Not only does clearing clutter reduce stress levels, but the fact that files will be easier to find when needed will also help reduce stress levels.
  • Customers appreciate when they walk into an office and it is bright and clean, getting rid of those boxes of files can help create a more cohesive environment.

If you are looking to free up precious space in your office, contact us at Modern Image. We can help you scan and organize your files, giving your office the space it needs to grow.

Modern Image File Organization Services

When you hire Modern Image to scan your files, you are hiring a complete organization service. From beginning to end our experts help your company scan and organize all of your important documentation. The following steps are taken by all Modern Image Staff, ensuring that you are receiving a complete file organization service.

  • A project manager from Modern Image will visit your office to find out what you are looking for and to provide you information on storage requirements.
  • We will then provide you with a free estimate in writing within 24 hours of visiting your office or storage location.
  • Our document specialists will pack files, take a complete inventory, then transport all files to our secure scanning location.
  • We will prepare all files for scanning, ensuring that we are scanning the documents correctly to get the clearest image possible.
  • Once scanning is completed we will organize and index all files to your specific requests.  Files will then be output to PDF, JPG, or TIFF.
  • All paper files will then be either securely shredded or stored, upon your request.

If you are looking to gain more space in your office and you would like to have your files electronically organized, contact us today at Modern Image. We will scan and organize your documents, without you having to lift a finger. Contact us today at 703-467-1583.