Secure Document Imaging

Today, our paper files, photographs, and important documents can easily be scanned and stored digitally, without taking up space.  You can access your digital information with a few keystrokes, or the click of a mouse.  You can even get your information on a smart phone or tablet from your home, or across the globe.

But, is it necessarily a good thing to have all of our personal information, doctor records, client financials, and the like, in the cloud?  And how do you trust that no one will gain access to your accounts, both personal and professional?  Security is a major concern today, and in this day and age of data breaches, you must be able to trust your contractors, especially those who deal with personal information.

Secure Document Imaging is our Standard

Secure document imaging is the standard at Modern Image.  Our professional document imaging services employ every available security measure to make sure your personal and professional data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.  Our reputation speaks for itself and we’e proud of our client services.  We are the name you can trust.

Since 2006, Modern Image  has been serving the metropolitan DC area.  We’re proud members of the Fairfax County, Virginia Chamber of Commerce and we’re involved in creating a better community.  We understand your need for security and we don’t take it lightly.

Secure document imaging is essential for our clients.  We work with attorneys, and medical offices, CPA’s and the government.  All of our clients, at some point, handle personal and sensitive data, that, if this information fell into the wrong hands, could be detrimental.

Our concern for your secure document imaging, scanning, and digitization, is real.  Our facility is located in a private, windowless building, our employees pass background checks and intense training, and we must adhere to the HIPAA regulations as we offer ur secure document scanning services to medical offices and work with patient files.

In compliance with the HIPAA rules, we employ the utmost in security, from the moment your documents leave your home or office, until they are safe back in your possession.  Should you wish us to destroy any of your documents after scanning, we shred them and return the shredded documents to you for disposal.

Giving You  Peace of Mind

For clients of Modern Image, the knowledge that we take these steps to make our secure document scanning superior to any other professional scanning service in the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas, is peace of mind.  When you deal with thousands of files, paperwork, and documentation, you can’t possibly keep track of each piece.  We do.  And that is our promise to you.

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So, if you’re interested in digital storage of your personal or professional documents, trust Modern Image.  Contact us and schedule a meeting for a free estimate on your scanning project.  Client satisfaction and security is our main focus.