Medical Document Shredding

HIPAA Compliant Shredding Services for Doctors & Healthcare Facilities

Any healthcare professional understands how important it is to protect the privacy of their patients. Because of this, discarding old medical records is something that should not be taken lightly. This means that if you have medical records that you need to dispose of, then you should have them shredded prior to disposal using our medical document shredding service.

The destruction of old medical records should be done with incredible care; in fact, the Protected Health Information law requires it. The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) states that before protected medical information can be disposed of, it needs to be properly destroyed. It’s not only enough that you destroy your medical documents before disposing of them – it’s required that you be able to provide proof of doing so as well. Healthcare professionals that do not abide by this law can be found willfully negligent and may have to pay the highest level of mandatory fines.

In addition to shredding old medical documents before their disposal, you may be in the process of scanning your medical documents so that they can be stored digitally. This is something that many medical practices are doing since this makes their medical records much easier to find and retrieve.

Medical Chart & Document Shredding: What to Expect

The following are some of the things that we can offer medical practices when providing medical document shredding:

  • Picking up your medical documents – A sign of a good shredding service is one that will come and pick up your documents to deliver to the shredding facility in a secure fashion. There are shredding companies out there that will require you to drop off the documents in need of shredding yourself, which is much less secure.
  • Ensuring your medical documents are secure – We have put into place a number of procedures to make sure that the retrieval of your medical documents will be sure, both during transit and during the actual shredding process. Additionally, we will confirm that the documents cannot be pieced back together once the shredding has been completed, thereby keeping sensitive data secure.
  • Experience – We have been providing document scanning and shredding services since 2006. Our experience speaks for our quality. All of our staff are also carefully trained in order to deal with sensitive information. We even work closely alongside the Fairfax chamber of commerce.
  • Excellent customer service – We strive to contribute to the community and work hard to build long-term relationships with our clients. We can provide any information you need about our medical document shredding services, including the step-by-step process that we will implement in order to safely and securely destroy your medical documents.

Free Estimates for Medical Document Shredding In DC, MD & VA

We can provide medical document shredding services for anyone that needs them, including hospitals, walk-in clinics, family doctors, dentists, nursing homes, pharmacies and more. Following the secure shredding of your medical documents we will provide you with a certificate of destruction.

For more information about our document shredding services or for a free quote, be sure to contact us at Modern Image today.