Top 5 Reasons to Scan

Like any good Top 5 list, our Top 5 reasons to scan are very tough to argue with.  These big 5 are going to make you look sharp, look smart and look unbelievably organized.  What’s not to like about that?  So without further adieu, here we go….

Top 5 Reasons5.  Get rid of the clutter and make more room!  Let’s face the facts, if your desk looks like a tornado just swept through, chances are just getting everything organized and scanned and off your desktop would make you happier than a turkey on the day after Thanksgiving!

4.  Save Time!  Think about it – think about how much time you spend looking for documents.  Think about how much time you spend filing documents.  Think about how much time your organization spends filing and retrieving documents.  Document scanning and imaging can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend on filing – leaving you with more time to work on the important stuff.

3. Preparing for Disaster!  No, this is not a reality show.  But you know how important backing up your computer is.  The same goes for your hard paper documents.  Where would you be if a fire swept though your office?  Or a flood?  Just like backing up your computer – you never need it – until you REALLY need it.  Get your important files and documents scanned now and you’ll not need to worry about any or all of the potential disasters lurking out there.

2. Make Document and File Sharing a Breeze!  Wouldn’t it be more productive if everyone had access to all of the “hard” files they needed – without having to pull them, copy them and then hope they replace them?  Of course it would.  That’s where document scanning and imaging can take you and your office.  Get with the Paperless Revolution!

1. Save Money $$$! An effective document management and scanning program will save you and your company lots of money.  Your employees will be more productive.  Your office will be more efficient.  You’ll be better prepared in case of emergency or disaster.  And you will be the hero for making it happen – that is IF you choose the right document scanning and document imaging company – and that choice is Modern Image!

And finally, don’t forget the environment. By scanning your old files and having them shredded, all that paper makes it’s way back into the recycling stream.  A huge amount of new paper today is made from recycled paper so this really should be the Top 6 reasons to get on board with a document scanning program for your office.

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