3 Reasons why self storage is bad for business and medical records

Posted on: July 5, 2011

storage ready to burnIf you must keep copies of your documents by law, and you are currently using self storage space, read on.

1) Self storage space goes up in smoke every day.  The fire de jour is in Hawaii.  (from

The storage unit where the fire started belonged to Donaldson Industries,  “the company leasing the underground storage space. Donaldson Enterprises is an ordnance-demolition company, and the men were working at the storage bunker when the fires broke out.”

2) Who knows what is stored next to your unit.  “Bomb Squad Called to Self-Storage Facility in Texas” from today’s headlines.

“A possible explosive training round was discovered in a unit at Saf-T-Loc on Sheppard Access Road. An employee from the facility opened the unit and found the round after the tenant failed to pay the rental fee. The unit held old military equipment, including the rocket propelled training round.”

3) Self storage is inefficient storage of information.  Digitizing documents makes it possible to improve internal operations, give you a competitive edge, improve customer service and satisfaction, and preserves organizational knowledge. 

Self Storage Fire in Santa Clara Valley
3-alarm fire at self storage unit