Disaster Preparations – Personal Papers and Photos

Posted on: July 2, 2012

The Scan Man knows that most people store their most valuable personal papers and photos in places that are exposed to possible damage from fire, water, or weather.  The government recommends that anyone who lives in an area prone to disaster (what are IS NOT prone to disaster these day?) that they preserve the following types of documents and photos through document scanning.   We further recommend storing a digital copy in the Cloud, in a system like Digitech’s ImageSilo or Dropbox.

The folks in Clear Creek Colorado know something about preparing for disasters as they have been dealing with the deadly forest fires burning now.  Clear Creek County recommends that people evacuate with the 5 P’s.  Papers, Prescriptions, Pets, Personal Items, and Photos.  Of course, the best thing to do is scan the papers and photos ahead of time.

  • PAPERS – Insurance – Homeowner, Health, Medicare and Medicaid, Medical Records, Titles, Credit Cards, Cash, Copies of ID’s, Passports, Powers of Attorney, Wills, Birth Certificates, Care Provider Contact Information, and a Family Communication Plan.
  • PRESCRIPTIONS – Yourself, Family, Seniors/and Persons with Access/Functional needs, Animals To include equipment for daily treatments including oxygen and hearing aids.
  • PETS – Kennel/Cat Carrier, Leash, Water, Food, Toy, Vaccination Records, Litter Box and Litter.
  • PERSONAL ITEMS – Clothes, Sturdy Shoes, Infants – Formula and Diapers, Cell Phone Chargers, Laptop, Glasses, Contacts and Solution, Toiletries, Hygiene Products, Feminine Products, Wet Wipes, Wash Clothes, Towels, Flashlight with Batteries, Sleeping Bag, First Aid Kit, Paper Plates, Cups, Plastic Utensils, Comfort Items: Cards, Games, and Books, Etc.
  • PHOTOS – and Small Irreplaceable Items