Google Drive Launch Scheduled For Early April

Posted on: March 29, 2012

The Scan Man got one right!  Yes, Google Drive is Coming.  The G-Drive will have some stiff competition from established players like Dropbox.  Read on from the pages of Geeksailor:

Google Drive LogoAfter an endless string of rumors and speculations, Google seems finally ready to launch GDrive, the storage in the cloud service of the search engine giant.

Google Drive, the storage in the cloud service developed by Google, could become available in April. Google Drive’s launch date was not officially unveiled, but the rumors come from a trusted source, inside Google.

It’s true, the first rumors about Google Drive surfaced about five years ago, and almost each year since, it was speculated that Google is “finally” launching their cloud storage service.

As about the storage in the cloud capacity, rumor has it that Google Drive will offer only 1 GB of free storage, while they will charge for 10 GB, 20 GB or 50 GB of storage in the cloud.

Meanwhile, Apple and Microsoft have launched iCloud and SkyDrive, respectively, and besides the two IT giants there are tons of small companies and developers that offer this type of services. I am sure that names like DropBox or are familiar to you.

Google will finally launch a cloud storage service, besides GoogleDocs, and it seems that GDrive is ready for launch in the first week of April, according to sources quoted by GigaOM.

Sources say that Google’s cloud storage service will offer only 1 GB of free storage, which might turnagainst Google, given that Dropbox offers 2 GB of free storage. GDrive will use an user interface similar to the one of GoogleDocs, also available on web via a local application.

First rumors about Google’s cloud service appeared in 2006, but the American company have made the first step in this direction in 2010, when they allowed their users to upload their documents in Google Docs.

April is just around the corner, thus, if the GDrive rumors are true, we would be able to use Google’s storage in the cloud service pretty soon. We promise to keep you updated on the matter, so stay tuned.