Reduce Costs with Document Scanning

Posted on: January 23, 2017

Having your physical documents scanned and uploaded to your computer network will provide a bigger impact on your business than just saving space and making access more convenient (although both of these are hugely beneficial to the efficiency and effectiveness of any business). Document scanning can also help to substantially reduce overhead costs.

4 Ways Document Scanning Reduces Overhead Costs

The following are just a few examples of how your business can save money by investing in a document scanning service:

1. Reduce your storage space

Physical paperwork can require a lot of storage space, especially if your company has been in business for years – paperwork tends to pile up, after all. Many businesses that have yet to digitize their paperwork often have entire rooms dedicated to document storage – rooms filled with shelves and filing cabinets overflowing with documents.

By scanning and digitizing all of your documents, you can get rid of physical copies or at the very least prevent new paperwork from adding to your storage needs. How can this save you money? You can downsize your office space, thereby reducing the cost in rent. You can also turn the rooms you were using for storage into additional office space, which could actually help you expand your business and increase revenue. For example, a medical practice could use this additional space to set up an additional doctor’s office or patient room.

2. Reduce your utility costs

Storage space is additional square footage and more square footage always carries greater costs beyond rent. Even if the room is almost never in use, your building’s HVAC system is heating or cooling it, which is a waste of energy. If you no longer need the storage space, you can downsize to a smaller building, which will help reduce energy costs.

3. Reduce your staffing needs

When you have physical storage space, it means that everyone working for you spends a lot of their time searching for documents and filing documents away. If you have a large secretarial force in charge of these tasks, then you’re spending a lot on your staff. By reducing the need to find and file documents to a simple search through your computer system that takes seconds, you reduce the need for a large staff.

4. Increase office efficiency

Not only does the ability to access documents through your computer system instantly allow your staff to work more efficiently – thereby allowing you to reduce the number of staff you need – but it can help eliminate costly mistakes. Misplaced documents are more common when physically stored, and this could hurt your business. Not to mention that trouble finding documents can slow your business down to a crawl.

Document Scanning Services in VA, DC, & MD

These are a few ways document scanning can help reduce your overhead costs. For more information about our document scanning services, contact Modern Image today.