Xerox to update scan software after uproar

Posted on: August 9, 2013

A little over a week ago, a German computer scientist made an interesting discovery. David Kriesel scanned a construction plan on a Xerox Workcentre and then printed the document.  Although the plan appeared to be perfectly reproduced, he noticed that it contained incorrect numbers.  The plan said one room was 22 square meters, when the adjacent and visibly larger room was only 14 square meters.  The Xerox Workcenter changed the numbers during the scanning process.

Read the following article from the Font Feed for detailed information about the discovery of the software flaw.  Thinking about the implications in the real world are worrisome.

Xerox has announce that it will release a software patch to address the issue.  The company announced that the flaw only occurs when the default settings are changed.  In this case, when users change the resolution to a lower setting to reduce the file size, the error can occur.  The actual error is part of the Jbig2 compression standard that allows for character substitutions to occur.

Read this article from the BBC that describes the actual problem and Xerox’s reaction.

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