Digital Medical Record System

For today’s healthcare and medical facilities, organizing your data and patient information is essential to quality patient care.  That’s why adopting a digital medical record system is so important.  Highly sensitive patient information, insurance records, and personnel files can all be kept in a secure electronic data library, within your own practice, and accessed as needed.

Digital medical record system organization is beneficial to your medical practice in many ways.  By storing your patient information in a highly secure and protected electronic file, you guarantee that your charts and patient records are in compliance with the HIPAA directives.  You can share patient history with others in your practice, and stay on top of test results, prescriptions, and other medical information vital to patient care.

Incorporating a digital medical record system into your business is an efficient way to handle appointments-any patient information you may need is available with the click of a mouse.  Your staff can spend less time organizing charts, finding ways to store data, and transcribing notes, and more time assisting physicians and health care providers with care concerns.

Digital Medical Record Solution for Busy Offices

Electronic filing and record keeping is the solution for providers in today’s busy, non-stop healthcare environment and Modern Image USA is your source for converting your paper records and hard copy data to a digital format that can be stored electronically.  Modern Image can be trusted to scan your medical records and business information in a secure environment.  We submit to independent audits to ensure our HIPAA compliance, and your hard copy data will never be compromised under our watchful eye.

Why Switch to Electronic Records?

There are several reasons you should convert your paper records to a digital medical record system.  Digital record keeping is much more thorough.  It’s legible, easy to retrieve, concise, and can be shared and compared with the touch of a button.  Paper records are vulnerable to damage, loss and accidental destruction.

Lab results and prescription history are easily obtained.  There’s no need to search through volumes of patient charts just to locate the information you need.  Record rooms can now be used for office space or exam rooms.

Patient care is improved when your office becomes more efficient by implementing a digital medical record system.  Information for insurance companies is easier to access, and, should a pharmaceutical recall occur, all the information you need to alert patients is electronically organized.  Coordinating care is easier when you have the patient information at your fingertips.

Modern Image USA can organize patient charts, information, business records and any other data pertaining to your practice, scan the documents, and create an electronic file for your digital medical record system.  We have offices in Fairfax, VA, where we are active members in the Chamber of Commerce.  Contact Modern Image USA today and we’ll meet with you, assess your digital medical record system and your needs, and provide you with a no-cost estimate within 24 hours.  It’s time to get organized.