Cloud Document Management in Baltimore

These days it seems as though technology is moving at warp speed and cloud computing is an ideal example of technology’s growth. Cloud document management in Baltimore offers secure storage and sharable options that transcend any other method available. At Modern Image, we’re proud to partner with M-Files to provide cloud-based document management and storage solutions for Baltimore businesses.

Our cloud document management services are available for:

  • Law firms
  • Hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare professionals
  • Nonprofits
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks and financial services
  • And more

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cloud document management solutions in MD, DC & VA

Using Technology to Your Advantage

If your office is in need of organizing and storing those “old school” paper records in a way that provides security of sensitive data yet allows 24/7 access for authorized personnel, you can trust Modern Image. For more than a decade Modern Image has been the go-to for private business and government agencies who desire to take advantage of the technological age and all it has to offer.

Organizing your files offsite, in a cloud-based environment enables your company to file share with your offices all over the globe, instantly. This form of instant access information is highly cost-effective. You no longer need to wait for email attachments and faxed-over documents. You can access what you need, when you need it, all with the click of a mouse.

Secure Cloud-Based Document Management

Even if your files are already digitized and in your company’s data base you can benefit from cloud document management. With the right security clearance even those records that hold sensitive information about clients, your financial records, or employee background and credentials, can be had in an easy and immediate manner.

Modern Image has your back when it comes to cloud document management. Our expertise in the field of digitized records and document scanning has grown right along with the current technology. We are your cloud management professionals and we take your trust in our ability very seriously. We’re dedicated to making your cloud document management work for you.

Your Server Needs a Partner

Managing documents on your own server may seem like the most sensible way to organize your records, but there is a fair amount of risk involved. Not only can your server lack in certain security measures but your documents and records can fall victim to disasters such as flood and fire. The security provided via cloud document management offers a redundancy that ensures the safety and security of your essential documents.

Cloud management of your business files is extremely secure. There are protective measures in place that  keep your scanned and digitized records and files from falling into the wrong hands. These firewalls and password protection methods are virtually impenetrable, making cloud document management your ideal business solution.

As technology advances so do your options for organizing data. A highly organized business runs more efficiently, saving you time and money. If you’re ready to come into the age of cloud computing for your document and record management look to the professionals at Modern Image.

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