Document Scanning for Nonprofits

Document Scanners in Maryland, Washington, DC & Northern Virginia

Most nonprofits would agree that operating on a shoe-string budget would be a luxury. The financial limitations of running a nonprofit don’t allow for much wiggle room and organizing your records may not be all that high on your priority list. In fact, you may not be concerned at all with your administrative duties until it becomes necessary to provide donor and expenditure data for an audit. If you need document scanning for your nonprofit organization located in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, or Maryland, call Modern Image.

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Document Scanners for Nonprofit Organizations

One of the most efficient ways to keep your records safe, secure, and organized is by enlisting the services of Modern Image to scan and store your data. Hard copies, microfilm, photographs and so much more can be scanned and stored digitally for optimum information management.

Modern Image is the industry leader in professional document scanning services. Since 2006 Modern Image has been the trusted name in professional document scanning in Washington, DC and beyond. We’re proud to work with many nonprofit agencies, as well as private industries, law offices, medical facilities, and the U.S. federal government.

Professional Document Scanning & Digitization

Professional document scanning and digital data storage can improve how your nonprofit operates in so many significant ways. All the information you need is ready and easily accessible for your volunteers. You can share files and electronically send information as needed and any of the sensitive data you have in your files is secure and protected. Your information cannot be misplaced or lost when you enlist the services of Modern Image for your document scanning needs.

Organization of your data, especially donor details and funding information, actually improves your ability to raise money and provide for those whom you sponsor. Successful financial fundraising campaigns can be executed much more thoroughly when all of the pertinent details are at your fingertips.

What Modern Image Can Do For Your Nonprofit:

  • Scan photos to store for PR purposes
  • Keep a Digital Record of Board Meeting Minutes for Reference
  • Keep a File of Donors and Volunteers
  • Store Financial and Donor Information
  • Keep Statistical Data Regarding the Outreach of Your Nonprofit

This is just a sampling of all the ways digital document scanning can improve the way your not-for-profit agency operates. In addition to our document scanning and electronic document management services, when you contact Modern Image we’ll come to your offices and discuss your information management needs. We’ll review your requirements and present you with a free, no-obligation estimate for document scanning for your nonprofit within 24 hours.

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