Document Scanning for Small Businesses

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If you’re a small business owner that has been in business for even just a few years, you’ve likely seen how quickly paperwork can pile up, cluttering your office, or wasting valuable space. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get rid of all those files, but still have them be accessible from anywhere? With document scanning from Modern Image, you can.

We specialize in providing document scanning solutions to Mid-Atlantic businesses. From small operations to large enterprise solutions, Modern Image has a solution for any business owner.

Our Scanning Process

  • Our scanners are all properly configured – hardware and software – for each customer project and the various documents that need to be scanned.
  • Our document preparation team ensures that every page will be scanable.  Staples, paper clips and other bindings are removed.  Sticky notes and other small pieces of paper are scanned and cropped to proper size.
  • We keep our scanners clean and pristine!  Each scanner is cleaned multiple times during the day to ensure your images are nearly perfect representations of the original.
  • Each page is scanned using a high-end scanner with special technology to detect mis-feeds and other scanning issues.
  • Each document is indexed with a unique file name, making it very easy for you to find the documents later.
  • Every page is scrutinized by our quality assurance team using a visual inspection.  Any page not meeting our stringent standards will be re-scanned.
  • Files are encrypted and delivered.  Safe and Secure!

Our Scanning Solutions

Whether you are a one man operation or a small business with dozens of employees, our document scanning solutions can make your life easier and potentially help you realize significant cost savings. Our scanning services, can help you manage the follow types of documents and more:

  • Photocopying
  • Faxing
  • Physical storage space
  • Shipping
  • Expenses
  • Employees
  • Overtime
  • Courier services
  • Administrative costs (such as filing and retrieving)
  • Legal document production

Disaster Recovery Protection

Approximately 75 percent of all small businesses today have no type of disaster recovery plan and more than 40 percent never reopen after a disaster occurs. With Modern Image, we can help your business position itself so that no vital documents are lost or destroyed in the event that a disaster–natural or manmade–were to impact your business.

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