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Technology has been quite successful, in terms of lessening the amount of paper businesses use on a daily basis.  No longer must your employees slog through file cabinets and boxes in order to access information.  Your office space grows each time you convert your information to electronic content over hard-copy data.  But, eventually, you may find you need to get a handle on the electronic content you have stored.

Many businesses-and even home offices-are are drowning in electronic data.  From customer files to emails, managing the data you need can take precious time, and thus, money from your day to day operations.   What’s more, your organizational skills may not be the best, resulting in a messy and difficult to navigate system.

Electronic content management provides a way to scan and capture, store and safeguard, and manage and deliver your most valuable information.  Modern Image is the area’s most trusted electronic content management company.  For nearly a decade, Modern Image has been assisting businesses, in and around the DC, Virginia and Maryland area in managing and storing electronic data.

Benefits of ECM

There are many advantages to having Modern Image assist you in your electronic content management.  In today’s world, news of data breaches, impacting thousands of people, seems to be reported daily.  For a security-conscious business, it’s essential to ensure your files, images, and information are stored in a secure and reliable manner, so that you can access them at any time.

When you contract with Modern Image for electronic content management, you’ll have better overall control of your information, and content that’s organized in a manner that streamlines your business.  No longer will you search through data that’s a disorganized mess, wasting time looking for a information that could be filed anywhere.  Our organization of your business information means you can find what you need, when you need it, at the click of a mouse.

What’s more, you always have data back-up, so you won’t worry about files being deleted or accidentally erased.  Though you’ve probably already lessened your need for paper files and hard-copies, you may find you can store even more of your information online, safely, and affordably.

Why Choose Modern Image?

At Modern Image, we understand a business is only as strong as it’s bottom line.  That’s why we strive to keep your electronic content management costs low and within your budget.  You never need to worry that your files will be treated in a careless manner.  We honor the priority you place on secure handling of your company data and will safeguard your files throughout the entire process.

Modern Image is proud of our affiliation with the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce, as well as our membership in the National Association of Professional Organizers in Washington, DC.  Our focus is on your complete satisfaction with our electronic content management, and many other data protection services.

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