Historic Photo Scanning

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Preserving historic photos digitally can allow these images to endure and be enjoyed by future generations. Digitization of historic photos can even make them more accessible by allowing them to be added to searchable catalogs–exposing more people to the photos than was ever possible before.

Today, millions of historic photos have been scanned and made accessible through libraries, museums, government organizations, universities, and more. Scanning historic photos, however, can require precision equipment and trained handlers to ensure that photos are not damaged or destroyed.

Scrapbook Scanning

Trained Historical Photo Scanners

All phases of your historical photo scanning process are handled by a trained and experienced team of photo digitization experts. We work closely with our clients to ensure that your needs are met and your photos are preserved without damage.

We can scan historical photos of nearly any size, whether a small 4 x 6 or a a large poster sized image. Our large assortment of scanners and digital imaging equipment provides our clients with the most cost-effective, and highest quality scanning available.

We also have a specialized team dedicated to on-site scanning projects, for projects that are not well suited for transporting. Modern Image provides the equipment, software, personnel and, most importantly, project management for successful document imaging conversions. Projects can range from a single technician for a few days to ten or more individuals over a period of weeks.

Competitive Prices

$0.29 – Photos up to 8 x 10
$1.00+ – Photo Album Scanning – Photos returned in envelopes with empty scrapbook.  Price is higher if the album is in bad condition or if it is difficult to remove photos from sleeves.
$1.75+ – Photo Album Scanning – Photos carefully returned into their photo album and remounted in the exact order as originally archived.  Price is higher if the album is in bad condition or if it is difficult to remove photos from sleeves and return them to the sleeves.
$1.00 – Slide Scanning
$1.00+ – Negative Scanning for 35 mm negatives.  Contact us for pricing of other negatives sizes.  Price could be higher if the negatives are curled or in otherwise poor condition.
If your photos have been through the ringer, we can bring them back to life with our retouch/repair service.  Inquire directly to find out more.

Custom Tailored Photo Scanning Services

At Modern Image, we understand that every project can be different. This is why we have a wide range of training, certifications, equipment, and expertise. While one project may simply be a small photo album, others may be entire collections of historic photographs owned by universities or government organizations.

To provide the highest quality of service possible, every Modern Image project is custom tailored to your specific needs. We listen to you. With your needs in mind, we will prepare a project proposal that will address your requirements and get your project started quickly and painlessly. We are not some marketing firm who will subcontract your project out – we do all of our work in-house – enhancing the security for all of your most important documents.  Whether this is your first document scanning project or your fiftieth, our consultative approach will have you sleeping soundly – regardless of your project size.

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