Library Preservation & Digitization in VA, DC, & MD

Libraries throughout the D.C. area carry thousands of books, periodicals and newspapers. They are a valuable source of information to the public. However, with the ability to scan and digitize entire books relatively easily, libraries should strongly consider our scanning and digitization services.

The Benefits of Library Digitization

While it may seem like quite a task to digitize an entire library, there are some major benefits to doing so:

  • Preservation – As the years go by, the condition of certain books will begin deteriorating – especially as more people handle them. Many books can simply be replaced, but for rarer, out of print books, there is no replacing them. The last thing you want is for these books to become damaged to the point where they can no longer be used and have lost their value. Not to mention that they can be easily misplaced and lost as well. By digitizing these books, you’ll ensure that they will exist forever, no matter what happens to the original copy. This applies to periodicals and newspapers as well, which tend to be much more sensitive than books are.
  • Access – By digitizing your library, it will become much easier for people to access the information that was scanned from books, periodicals and newspapers via a computer. This provides several benefits within itself. First of all, more than one person can access the same document at the same time. Having to wait on a book to be returned before being able to borrow is not something that everyone has the time to do. Secondly, it will be easier for people to search for specific information without knowing what books, periodicals or newspapers they need to look at. They will no longer have to spend time looking for specific documents in person when they can just use a search feature.
  • Organization – Digitizing your library helps to keep everything organized. Every file will be properly named so that finding them and accessing them will be incredibly easy. You won’t have to worry about the disappearance of that one magazine because it was misplaced since you can just pull up a digitized version with a proper search.

Our Library Preservation and Digitization Services

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to digitizing your library. Here at Modern Image, we have the experience and know-how to accurately scan and digitize your entire library, including everything from large books to large format newspapers. We have the technology to be able to replicate the exact quality of your library so that everything is preserved in its present condition.

Additionally, we have the training to handle your library safely and securely so that nothing is damaged or lost during the digitization process.  For more information about our library preservation and digitization services, contact us at Modern Image today.